Hi, why my dataset size reduces after exporting?

Before export my dataset, the number of imgs is as shown in the image

But after I exported it, my train imgs reduce to 997, validation 283, test also reduces.
Why this happens?

Hi, can you send a link to this post and your Roboflow account email to help@roboflow.com along with the name of the workspace and project? Additionally, what annotation format(s) were you exporting in when you noticed this?

I’d like to look into this further.

Just done email. Hope can fix this issue asap. Thank you

Thank you. I am writing up the report for this issue so that I can send it over to our team.

How was it?

Actually is it because of this? because it de-duplicate the images already?

I found out that after applying auto orient and image resize(especially image resize), some picture will disappear. If I dont use image resize, then most picture will stay

@Mohamed is it because image resize will affect bounding boxes then some bounding box is error after imgs resized, therefore not outputing? Pls reply