Roboflow Holding Data Hostage? WTF

Hi, our team has been working on a private project in Roboflow and this weekend I logged in to take a peek and export the data locally and we can’t as we don’t have enough export credits?

We’re not asking for resizes, nor generations, nor anything besides source images and annotations… but it won’t let us export the dataset as we’re over the undisclosed 5,000 generated image limit? Our dataset is 637 images labeled. How is this no where on the pricing page?

There is very little chance of us upgrading even thought the budget is approved. We’ve been relatively happy users of Roboflow (the lack of image rotation is silly) but this is the deal that breaks the camel’s back.

We can’t get our data out. We played with the augmentations (which don’t work for our needs) and somehow that was against our 5,000 generated image credits that are disclosed nor displayed nowhere in the interface.

If you are evaluating Roboflow, just know there is 0 chance you’ll speak to support and they just direct you here.

All of the good will they build via their youtube channel, tools, and very aggressive SEO strategy are thrown out the window for us by not disclosing a limit and forcing you to use an export tool. Serious WTF moment.

How do we know this sort of data hostage won’t be pulled on us as soon as we upgrade… is there another undisclosed limit?

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Hi @nickreese! I’m sorry you’ve run into this issue. Generated images are created when versions are made with augmentations - you can view your count and limit in the usage tab of the workspace settings.

It seems like you might have too many versions (which each have their own generated images). To export your data, you should delete any extra versions to ensure you’re under the generated image limit. Your own data (source images) will not be impacted - you will be able to export them after you’re under the generated image limit.

I have 6000 images uploaded and annotated in the free tier, will I be able to download the dataset with annotations? I have not used any generation or preprocessing or augmentation. This is for my master’s independent research and I will not be able to upgrade.

Hi @Sankhyan_Bhattacharjee, if you have 6000 images uploaded it sounds like you are on the Public plan, in which case you should have no issue exporting images.

Thank you @Jacob_Witt . I have a small doubt, I have precisely 6150 (.png) images, but while adding from the folder, it only accepts 5780 images. I have tried to rename these images differently, but the same issue persists.
for example: if the names of the image are 1234_xyz_1.png, 1234_pqr_1.png, and 1234_abc_1.png. then it only adds one of them. but there is no issues if all the images ends with other digit (like " _2.png" or " _-1.png").
these seem weird !!!

I’m sorry @Sankhyan_Bhattacharjee, I can’t seem to replicate that bug. I’ve renamed .png files the same as in your example and they are uploading cleanly. Is there any chance your images are duplicates of each other? That would block upload.

yes @Jacob_Witt , they are indeed but not exactly duplicates. SSIM scores are between 0.71 to 0.80 for some of the images. But for my research purpose, I need those too. How do I avoid the block?

Hi @Sankhyan_Bhattacharjee Do you have examples of images you can’t upload that you’d be willing to share here? We’d like to reproduce the issue so we can help debug.

Also, could you share the workspace/project ID?