Export dataset doesn't include training?

“Deploy your model” includes training, I understand, but when the dataset is exported (top of the web page) the training data doesn’t export with the annotated images? Or does it?

on “app.roboflow.com

Can a model be exported with training data as well?

Hi Russ, did you see a bug?

When datasets are exported, the image files are exported along with any associated annotation data.

I was just hoping to reuse the training that had taken place, with the model working in the device, and not having to retrain it again. In that case, why train it in Roboflow at all, if it just has to be done again?

Hi @Russ76

Not sure I follow, but I’ll jump in here to answer the question in a different way.

If by training data you mean the train folder, then yes, it should. Here’s a tut I recently did using the YOLOv5-OBB export that shows an example.

The model cannot be exported, but you can use the different methods of deployment to run inference on an image (curl command, web cam, code samples, etc.)

For a download of the sample code:

  1. Click “Use web cam”
  2. “Get Code” on the upper right hand side
  3. “Download sample app”