Error When Training Model

Hello! I’m attempting to train my Object Detection project, but it keeps giving an error:
“An unspecified error occurred while queueing the training job.”

I am using Firefox, but tried on Microsoft Edge as well. There are only two reasons I can think of this happening:

  1. My dataset might be too big (around 4k images after augmentation)
  2. I am training it on Google Colab while I’m trying to use the Roboflow training

I think it’s probably reason #2, but I also didn’t want to prematurely end the Colab training, because there could be reasons.

I’m actually not sure whether it is 2, but I don’t believe that you should be blocked from training in Roboflow while training in a notebook.

But if you’re trying to upload YOLOv8 weights after training, do not kick off a training job from Roboflow, or you won’t be able to upload weights for that dataset version.

The dataset is not too big. We have much larger train jobs every day.

If you experience the issue again, please do file a bug report with more detail so we can look into this. It will be most helpful if your devtools console is open for the bug report so we have an idea of what is being logged when the error occurs: How to File a Bug Report - Roboflow