Export Dataset

I can’t even export the dataset I upload and label . have to upgrade to do this while roboflow itself is enjoying my dataset for free.
I will make a tool similar to roboflow , damn

What workspace type are you in? And have you contacted the team to request help for export? I can help you get the dataset exported.

We don’t look to lock in your data.

Roboflow Pricing and Plans - for workspace features and limits

If you selected the incorrect workspace type (Sandbox/Private) and are not doing a Business Proof of Concept, or Public/Community workspace and you needed a private environment for a non-commercial student/research/personal project - please file this form to get set up for increased limits and features: Contribute to the Computer Vision Community

If you are working on a commercial project or a Business Proof of Concept, please file this form: Contact Roboflow Sales