CLI import not uploading annotations (only uploads images)

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I am attempting to upload a dataset to Roboflow with the roboflow import cli command.

I downloaded a dataset from Universe with the following:

mkdir data-with-labels; cd data-with-labels; curl -L “” >; unzip; rm; cd …

Then, I attempted to import the dataset with:

roboflow auth
roboflow import data-with-labels/

This command uploaded the images, but not the annotations. Is there a way to upload annotations with the CLI?

Hi @Robert_Shaw, you’ll need to update your command for upload. The command you’ve used will only upload images.


My dataset in the the YOLOv5 format, so the directory looks like:


My understanding is that the roboflow import command is designed to be used in this situation - is there any documentation on how to use the import command to do upload a dataset structured in the YOLOv5 format?

I just downloaded one of my datasets to run the upload flow. I’ll create a video example of how it works.

Hi @Robert_Shaw, I just attempted this with my own projects, and found the same issue you presented.

I’ve prepared and submitted a full bug report for this issue to our Product Team.

I’ve marked the bug as well so I can keep you up to date on the status.

Hello @Mohamed, any update on this?

It is working now - I actually just tested it again to confirm