Unable to upload a CSV annotation file with images

I am new to Roboflow and I am trying to import a set of images and a CSV annotation file.
My directory structure is the following:

Root Folder
├── testing_images
│   ├── image1.jpg
│   ├── image2.jpg
│   └── ...
├── training_images
│   ├── image10.jpg
│   ├── image11.jpg
│   └── ...
└── bounding_boxes.csv

My CSV file contains the following structure:

When I upload data and select the root folder, the images are added but they are not annotated using the info on the CSV file.


Based on the information provided in the extracts, it seems like you’re trying to upload your images and annotations to Roboflow. Here are the steps you can follow:

  1. Create a new project on Roboflow. You can do this by going back to the Roboflow dashboard and clicking “Create New Project”. Choose the “Guided Tour” option. Set a name for your dataset and specify what object you will be detecting. Leave the project type as the default “Object Detection” option since your model will be identifying objects. Click “Create Public Project” to continue. source

  2. Now, you need to upload your images and annotations. Click and drag the folder from your local machine onto the highlighted upload area. Once you drop the folder into Roboflow, the images and annotations are processed for you to see them overlayed. source

  3. If any of your annotations have errors, Roboflow alerts you. For example, if some of the annotations improperly extended beyond the frame of an image, Roboflow intelligently crops the edge of the annotation to line up with the edge of the image and drops erroneous annotations that lie fully outside the image frame. source

If you’re still having trouble with the annotations, it might be due to the format of your CSV file. Roboflow supports most annotation formats, including VGG Image Annotator CSV. You can convert your CSV file to a supported format using Roboflow’s conversion tools. source

If the issue persists, it might be a bug or a temporary issue with the platform. In such cases, it’s recommended to reach out to Roboflow’s support for further assistance.

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Hi @Jeronimo_Bertran - does this work if you locate the csv in each subfolder (e.g., testing_images or training_images)?

You can see all of our formats here. If your format is coming from a popular service or dataset we can make changes to support input.

Hi Jacob,
I copied the CSV file to the folders but the result is the same, no image is annotated. The CSV file contains only:


Here are the first few lines of the CSV.  The image name is a valid image file in the folder.


Thanks again!

Where are you getting the annotation format from? It would be helpful to know the source or the name of the format.

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