Can't move to next image after annotation, spinning icon never stops

Hi all,

I don’t know if it’s a bug or what… Uploaded 700 images, trying to label them… but after my first annotation, I press the Next image (>) icon and then it changes to a spinning icon and never ends spinning…


F12 dev tools console view shows

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 429 ()
prebuilt.js:184 Uncaught (in promise) FirebaseError: No document to update: projects/roboflow-platform/databases/(default)/documents/sources/m7iff2JMs9xIaSOu4bwp
at new Br (prebuilt.js:184:9)
at prebuilt.js:10613:34
at Tr. (prebuilt.js:10565:21)
at Kt (eventtarget.js:351:23)
at jt (eventtarget.js:481:26)
at Sr.wa (webchannelbasetransport.js:369:17)
at Qe (webchannelbase.js:2258:25)
at Ue (channelrequest.js:951:12)
at k.Ia (channelrequest.js:743:10)
at (channelrequest.js:603:10)
at Kt (eventtarget.js:351:23)
at jt (eventtarget.js:481:26)
at zn (xhrio.js:910:10)
at k.cb (xhrio.js:867:8)
at k.Fa (xhrio.js:850:10)
at XMLHttpRequest. (instrument.js:239:29)
repeatTool.webm:1 GET 416

Thanks in advance for help