Can't move to next image after annotation, spinning icon never stops

Hi all,

I don’t know if it’s a bug or what… Uploaded 700 images, trying to label them… but after my first annotation, I press the Next image (>) icon and then it changes to a spinning icon and never ends spinning…


F12 dev tools console view shows

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 429 ()
prebuilt.js:184 Uncaught (in promise) FirebaseError: No document to update: projects/roboflow-platform/databases/(default)/documents/sources/m7iff2JMs9xIaSOu4bwp
    at new Br (prebuilt.js:184:9)
    at prebuilt.js:10613:34
    at Tr.<anonymous> (prebuilt.js:10565:21)
    at Kt (eventtarget.js:351:23)
    at jt (eventtarget.js:481:26)
    at Sr.wa (webchannelbasetransport.js:369:17)
    at Qe (webchannelbase.js:2258:25)
    at Ue (channelrequest.js:951:12)
    at k.Ia (channelrequest.js:743:10)
    at (channelrequest.js:603:10)
    at Kt (eventtarget.js:351:23)
    at jt (eventtarget.js:481:26)
    at zn (xhrio.js:910:10)
    at k.cb (xhrio.js:867:8)
    at k.Fa (xhrio.js:850:10)
    at XMLHttpRequest.<anonymous> (instrument.js:239:29)
repeatTool.webm:1     GET 416

Thanks in advance for help

Me too… I have the same issue here.

Hi @Shay and @clertem

To help us debug and help you solve this issue, could you provide what device/browser you’re working on and the workspace/project ID or Universe link of your project?

I am using chrome browser and the id is Albion Bot Object Detection Dataset by college . The images I upload are not even getting saved. I can’t even import a youtube video and I am also not able to share the project to my friends for annotating. I am working on Mac M1 air

I tested it and I observed that I can upload some images at a time but it breaks if I try to upload 100 images at once.

Hi @Shay

Could you check in your browser’s DevTools (F12) console to see if any error messages show when you do that?

This happens to me as well, when you upload images but not clicking “Save and continue” and start annotating the images, you can’t go to the next image, only when you upload the image you can browse back and forth. I don’t know if it’s intended or not.