"Source images" usage not going down when deleting projects

I have a starter plan workspace when I created several projects in the past.

Now, I wanted to free up space for a new project, so I deleted ALL the old ones, expecting the “source images” usage to go down to 0.

Unexpectedly, the usage decreased decreased only from about 4800 to about 3900 images.

What’s happening?

Based on the information provided in the extracts, it’s possible that the remaining images are duplicates. According to the Roboflow documentation, if an image’s content is the exact same, it is only counted towards your usage once. This means that even if you delete a dataset, any duplicate images that exist in other datasets will still be counted in your usage.

If you’re certain that there are no duplicate images and you’ve deleted all datasets, it might be a good idea to reach out to Roboflow support for further assistance.

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There cannot be duplicate images because there are no projects anymore.

Hi @Davide_Visentin, thanks for posting! That seems to be a bug.

Could you please add Roboflow support to your workspace (on the Invite page) and email starter-plan@roboflow support when this is done so I can take a look? Thanks!

I see that you’ve already fixed the problem. Unless you need to perform other checks, tomorrow morning (morning in Europe) I’ll create the new project and start uploading images.


Feel free to upload now

Hey @Jacob_Witt I have same issue

@vazgenh-labs - do you mind trying now?

resolved, thanks !