Boxes and Outlines should not be capable of covering each other

It seems like Labels have some layer order and if a box is below another one it’s not possible to select it to resize or move it - instead one first has to move the overlaying box to the side, make adjustments and then move it back. This is really slowing down the workflow and should be considered a bug to be fixed.

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Hi, yes, there is a z-indexing of annotations. You can adjust it by right clicking on an annotation (or clicking the three dots menu after selecting it)

You can also visualize the ordering & drag/drop annotations into the order you want with the Layers tab on the sidebar:

This is useful for flattening into segmentation masks and models that can predict depth.

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I’m not saying to remove the ordering functionality - I’m saying it must be possible to select vertices / move boxes that are not on the top! otherwise you always have to first change the order of boxes or move the ones on top out of the way in order to edit labels that are covered (so boxes on top of others must not block the mouse click events to interact with boxes beneath them)

Hi @genesys - appreciate the feedback! This is helpful for improvements.

I did want to note I found that if you click the label you’d like to work with from the Layers menu on the left-side of the Annotation UI, you can then edit the vertices without moving layers.