My label is misplaced after marking

@Mohamed same as Annotations misplaced - #7 by ARUN_slcm

I’m also facing a similar issue, please let me know how to fix this.

Same issue.

Thanks for the reports. Can you please share the preprocessing and augmentation steps you’ve applied to these versions when generating them?

Update here: Roboflow was able to reproduce the issue, and a fix has been pushed.

It’s recommended that you delete prior dataset versions that included images that were oriented incorrectly, and re-generate new versions.

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Yes, and unless you have plans for your images to be un-oriented according to their EXIF data, make sure to include the preprocessing step:

Auto-Orient: Applied

It is enabled by default during the generation of new versions

it was sorted as of after noon 1 PM IST, and now it seems to have reoccured again , but i believe its only happening when augmentation is applied … works fine with out any augmentation