Improve UX and ergonomics in Annotator

Make it more like Encord or Label Studio.
Don’t open a popup every time you make a box. I don’t need to confirm what I’m doing, just let me draw a box quickly and easily.
Allow using number keys to quickly switch between label categories.
Allow drawing boxes via 2 consecutive clicks instead of mouse drag (i.e. click once, move the cursor towards the end corner, and click again to set the box). Holding the mouse button for a prolonged time repeatedly is very tiring and can even lead to injury.
Remove the necessity to switch to bounding box mode every single time after drawing a box. It should stay in the same mode, since you draw many boxes per image.
If hovering over a box with bounding box mode selected, I don’t need to move or resize the existing box, I need to draw another box. Don’t make boxes interactable when you’re just trying to draw a box on top of another one.
Add undo/redo.