Bibtex for multiple datasets

I find it hard to cite >5 datasets in a paper in case I end up using smaller datasets here. Is there a way I can use links, smaller codes per dataset etc. as part of a single large Bibtex citation? I don’t want too many references for smaller datasets.

Hi @Hans could the citations be included in the Acknowledgments section at the end of your paper and then a superscript number of the citation included in-line next to the reference, with the direct Universe link to the dataset? Would that help?

I know it still results in including all full citations, but I just want to be sure none of the context or information is lost, as those are the full proper citations for Bibtex.

If you are citing in a format other than Bibtex, then you can take the pre-filled Bibtex citation values and convert them to your desired citation format as well, such as:

  • for these datasets: My Game Pics, Face Detection
My Game Pics Dataset. My Game Pics (2022). Roboflow Universe (Version 1.0) [Software]. Available from computer vision.

Face Detection Dataset. Traore, M. (2022). Roboflow Universe (Version 1.0) [Software]. Available from computer vision.

Additionally, here’s the citation for the Roboflow app if you still need it:

Dwyer, B., Nelson, J. (2022). Roboflow (Version 1.0) [Software]. Available from computer vision.

@Mohamed Thank you for your suggestions. I believe adding a superscript / subscript would be a better idea. Thank you for the template for the Roboflow app. I’d be grateful if you can direct me to the bibtex version of that. Thank you.

Here are some resources I dug up from forums on BibTeX:

And here is a BibTeX generation tool: