How to merge two datasets

I would like to merge my own object detection dataset with a public one that has many more annotated images in the same class. Is this possible? How is it done?
I am using the Oak-D camera (Rgb mode) and a Raspberry Pi with Raspian.


Here is how to merge datasets: Merging Projects or Datasets - Roboflow

Additionally, you may want to use Modify Classes to remap/relabel classes if they don’t have the same name.

Example: “car” class in your project, and “Car” class in the public project? Use Modify Classes after merging the datasets to change both classes to “car” or both classes to “Car.”

How do we copy a public dataset into our workspace?

Select the dataset version of the project in question. From there, export it in COCO JSON format, unzip the folder and upload to your project.

I followed your instructions but it only downloads one image, not 4203 images!

Which dataset are you referring to? Can you send me a link so I can take a look?

And which version of the dataset did you download?

It’s the public “weeds” dataset, under agriculture. I think I figured out, the untrained version has 4203 images, the trained version has ONE. haha

I got them downloaded, but can’t upload here because of firewall. I’ll have to wait until I’m at another location.