Criteria not met with academic email

Hi, I am starting a final year project in university this semester and the dataset I am using contains 100,000 images and I was wondering if there is a way to be able to use roboflow in such a big project for free as I am a student and cannot afford to pay the subscription. I created a account with my academic email but as seen in the screenshot below its saying that criteria is not met.

Yes, Roboflow does offer support for students and researchers. You can apply for additional training credits and increased account limits for research and education purposes. This is part of Roboflow’s mission to support students, research, open source, and education. You can submit a form on the Roboflow Contribute page to apply for these benefits. If your project qualifies, you can get set up with higher limits without charge.

However, please note that the free plan of Roboflow supports up to 10,000 source images. If your dataset is larger than this, you might need to apply for these research credits or consider other options.

Regarding the issue you’re facing with your academic email, it might be best to reach out to Roboflow’s support directly for assistance. They can provide more specific guidance based on your situation.


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