Annotations misplaced

The annotations are getting misplaced after generating the version from dataset. It seems that the images are getting rotated automatically and the corresponding annotations are not(Auto orient has been disabled in pre processing step).Kindly resolve this bug as it affects model training.

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Same issue i reported but to no avail …

Hi @ARUN_slcm @Supratim_Chatterjee - have you tried generating a version with Auto-Orient applied?

Does the same issue occur in that case?

@ARUN_slcm I’m seeing your other report as well: Training directory empty - #28 by ARUN_slcm

I’ll take a look into it to see if I can reproduce the issue and get a report filed for a fix if the bug persists.

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Same issue. The images are getting rotated automatically in a version, but labels are not, even without any preprocessing or augmentation step.

Yes @Mohamed even with auto orient the same problem occurs.

No not that issue
this one

@Mohamed were you able to reproduce the issue ?

The issue was resolved, I’ve been trying to track down the posts referencing it, and replying to them all - this one was from about two weeks ago. Apologies for missing this one: