"Generate New Version" Problem in Instance segmentation project

I have uploaded some images with annotations to my instance segmentation project.
Images and segmentations are well established after uploading.
However, after clicking generate new version, most of the train/test/validation images are disappeared as seen by clicking View All Images.
In my training set, 48 out of 51 images are missing for example.
I believe there is a bug in this step.
Any help is well appreciated.

Hi @Burak_kcmıs can you email help@roboflow.com with the link to your workspace so we can look into this?


could you help me too ? @Mohamed
when I try to generate new version and download the dataset, there are no image found in the zip file.
i have send an email to help@roboflow.com but still no response. I even create a thread in this forum 716 post but no one responded to me. could you help me please ? thank you

Hi @daniel_goodnezz_5000 - I see your email now. I’ll look to re-create the bug and then file a report so we can get this remedied.

thank you so much for your response. I hope to hear from you soon :grinning:

I send the email @Mohamed. Looking forward to your answer.

Good day to you all , I would like to find out why I am not able to export my generated model to start training its it failing to do that why?