Problem with annotation place when generating versions


I have a problem with the placement of the annotation when I generate a new version of my dataset. Indeed, the original annotation are not at the right place when I generate a blurred/noised/etc… version. I used auto-orient in the pre-processing as suggested but it still didn’t work. Do you know how I can fixed this matter ? Thanks in advance.

Hi @mamac1509 - did you add the annotations from within Roboflow’s labeling tool? Or were these labels instead imported during upload to Roboflow?

If the annotations were indeed imported, what format/platform are they from?

Happy to take a look if you can add Roboflow Support to the workspace, and notify me here when you’ve done so.

Hello Mohamed,
I did not import the annotation but did them via roboflow’s labeling tool.

I granted access to the roboflow support.

Thank you

@Mohamed access has been granted