Getting yaml file results that are not as usual

Hi, I’m facing some issues, when I’m exporting the file of my YOLOv8

it should be resulting a YAML file like this:

train: …/train/images
val: …/valid/images
test: …/test/images

nc: 4
names: [‘Fire’, ‘Person’, ‘Puddle’, ‘Smoke’]

project: fire_detect
version: 6
license: CC BY 4.0

instead like above, my YAML file resulted like this:
path: …/datasets/roboflow

train: train/images
val: valid/images
test: test/images

0: Chicken
1: Cow
2: Fire
3: Gloves
4: Goggle
5: NO-Safety Vest
6: No-Gloves
7: No-Goggle
8: Person
9: Puddle
10: Smoke

it does not usually result, and I don’t know where I did it wrong. I already tried to use another account to reproduce a different YAML file but still got the result that I didn’t expect. Many thanks!

Hi @dimasilham_7 ,

This issue seems related to a bug we recently fixed. Please generate a new version and follow up if the issue persists.

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