Upload Custom Weights Error

*Hi, I am having problem when trying to upload custom weights. I was following the webpage, and got ‘ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘ultralytics.yolo’’:

roboflow version = 1.1.16
ultralytics version = 8.0.196

I tried to downgrade ultralytics to ultralytics-8.0.179, although the instruction webpage specified to use version 8.0.196.

Then, it worked with a warning:

Hence, I believe that the usage of ‘ultralytics.yolo.v8’ in the coding for uploading the weight is the problem. It should be changed to ‘ultralytics.models.yolo’ for newer version of ultralytics.

However, I don’t know where to find this in the code. So, I just downgraded ultralytics to solve my problem. The weight has been uploaded successfully at: How to Use the Drinking-related Object Detection Object Detection API

Hope this could help someone with same issue.

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