Custom Model Upload Failed

I am performing object detection using Yolov8. I successfully created a project, annotated images, and completed training both locally and using the Roboflow integrated feature.

But whenever I try to upload my model I receive a “Custom Model Upload failed” error. Here is the snippet of code I use:

from roboflow import Roboflow

rf = Roboflow(api_key="MY_API_KEY")
project = rf.workspace("uni-t4n52").project("chess-detection-ojob1")
project.version(7).deploy(model_type="yolov8", model_path="/runs/detect/train/"")

The upload completes correctly, although I receive the following warning/error:

Dependency ultralytics==8.0.134 is required but found version=8.0.175, to fix: `pip install ultralytics==8.0.134`

Although I’m using an updated version I receive this notice, Is this supposed to happen?

Anyway, the model uploads correctly but I can see the following:

Hi @Yoky

Sorry to hear about your issues and apologies for the late response.

Are you still experiencing this issue? If so, could you follow the prompt that it showed saying to install the required version of Ultralytics? Discrepancies in the version could cause these issues.