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I have been working on annotating a set of images for an object detection project on a free account associated with my workspace.

Recently, a member of my team purchased a starter account so we can access some of the extra features and security of the plan, and we are going to use his workspace for annotations, model training, etc.

Because we had already started the annotation on my account and the associated workspace is not on the starter plan, we are trying to export the work to his workspace.

Since we haven’t annotated all the images yet, we don’t want to create the dataset and download it because we would lose track of the annotations.

In short, we want to export the annotation job (both annotated and not annotated images) from my workspace project to my colleague’s workspace.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @Agustin_Lopez - thanks for posting!

Right now, the best way to proceed is to add your images to your dataset, export a version, and re-upload to the new workspace. The ability to export directly from the annotation page is a good idea and I’ve shared it with our product team, though we don’t have that functionality today.

And about the privacy of the images, will the dataset stay public or can we delete it?

Hey @Agustin_Lopez

Jumping in - the project you created on your free Public plan workspace will remain public regardless of what you export. If you have already safely and successfully uploaded all the images and data you want from your workspace, you can delete your free workspace if you would like to.

Your paid Starter plan workspace is and will remain private.

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