How do I download my original dataset images (source images) so that I can use them in a different project?

  • I created object-detection project
  • I uploaded and annotated 260+ images
  • 6 months later I created instance-segmentation project
  • I wanted to annotate the same set of 260 images
  • I can’t use the old dataset
  • More importantly I can’t download my original images

edit: I was able to download all my source images using custom shell script.

Hi @developer239, that’s awesome (RE: the script!)

I also wanted to add, to get original images:

  1. Label all images you want labeled (with annotations, or mark them as Null for images that do not have objects of interests) - there’s an option when viewing the Batch to Bulk-Select Images, and mark them Null
  1. Generate a dataset version with Auto-Orient as a preprocessing step, and no other preprocessing or augmentation steps applied
  2. Export in the format of your choice, such as COCO JSON or YOLOv8

The images and annotation files will be exported with step 3. From here, just unzip the files, and drop them into your new project (the entire folder, images and annotation files if you wish to keep the labels).

Option 2:
Duplicate the project - this is the option to use only if you have all images you require for transfer in the Dataset column of the Annotation pane (Collaborative Annotations workflow - Collaborative Workflow - Roboflow)

  • duplicating the project will only bring over images from the Dataset column. This is by design, since the other images are still Assigned to labelers, or Unassigned (not yet “selected” to be included in the project)