Standalone deploy to roboflow

Deploying my YoloV8 detection model trained outside of Roboflow. I get error:

An error occured when getting the model upload URL: This version already has a trained model. Please generate and train a new version in order to upload model to Roboflow

And the Deploy page is stuck on “Model upload is processing.
This page will automatically update when it’s ready to use.”

I annotated, split and trained the data outside of Roboflow then created a dummy dataset consisting of 2 images and labels, so that I could deploy from my jupyter notebook (following the guide)

from roboflow import Roboflow
rf = Roboflow(api_key="xxx")
project = rf.workspace("myworkspace").project("myproject")
project.version(1).deploy(model_type="yolov8", model_path="runs/detect/train/")

Ubuntu 22.04

Hi @edan - we pushed a fix that should resolve this. Apologies for the issue here.

You’ll need to regenerate the version, train, and upload weights to it.

If you have saved the weights, you won’t have to retrain, but you’ll still need to generate a new untrained version to upload the weights to.