Show Class Name when using Label Assist

Label assist is awesome but we have 19 classes so there are multiple classes with the same color, we could annotate faster if the class was visible without mousing over the box

Hi there, thanks for this great feedback! There are multiple annotation color and visibility enhancements on our radar, but I’ll make sure to bring this specific situation up to the team.
And to make sure I completely understand: it would be helpful to have the ability to choose specific and unique colors for classes so they are more visible against specific backgrounds. Correct? Or was there something else you were thinking?

Customizing class colors would be awesome, but ideally what we would like is when label assist is active, always show the class tag next to the annotation outline, as it does when you hover your mouse over it.

Thanks for clarifying, that makes total sense! I’ll add it to the backlog :slight_smile: