Creating class labels for object detection

I have a very simple question. I have 100 images and I would like to perform object detection. They are 100 images of fruits. I just want to detect apples and oranges in pictures.

So after I uploaded the 100 images and when I tried to create bounding boxes for the images (for apples and oranges in the picture), I can’t find the place to create the class (label) names for apples and oranges!

Pls help.

Nevermind. I’ve just figured it out. All I can say is that the UI wasn’t very clear. For first timers, it may not be so obvious.

Hi, how did you solve it?

Hi @IuliaElisa

If you are trying to create a new class, you can do that while annotating images by typing in the name of a new class:

If you are trying to create a new attribute, click Project Settings and under a class, click Add Attribute: