Regarding Model Training Doubt

As we are following 20 minutes video manual as first step ‘dataset export’ till 10th minute as we did & we are ready to export the code and next step as we need to copy the code into the notebook from model library, so in this step we have doubt and we attach



In our YOLOv5 training notebook, you can add your dataset export code in the section under “Step 6: Download a Dataset”. Do you see that section?

If you’re still having trouble, could you send the YouTube video that you are following, as well as a link to the Colab notebook? - This is video manual link which we are following

yes, we see the dataset and we complete that step.

But we facing other problems and confusions after step 6. I attaching the screenshot which mensions that.


As a general note for differences between the YouTube videos and the Colab notebooks, that is to be expected since we regularly update our notebooks to fix bugs and keep up with continuous changes that happen in the computer vision space.

Seems to me that the two other concerns you had were:

  • The line that printed out the data.yaml file (shown in your first image) was not showing the labels/classes from your dataset
    • From your screenshot, it looks like you did not run that “cell” (Colab notebooks are multiple “cells” with text or code".
    • You can tell if you’ve run the code cell by seeing if there is a green checkmark next to it, as highlighted in the code cell above the one you were having trouble with
    • What you were seeing is the example run from when we published our notebook. Colab notebooks automatically save your outputs, and that output was from when a member of a team ran that cell when it was being published.
  • You did not see the data.yaml file of your dataset.
    • As you screenshot from the video, the data.yaml file is located within a folder corresponding to the dataset name. In the example, it was the chess dataset.
  • In your case, that file will be located in the corrisponding folder for your dataset.

we completed all the steps and get mail regarding our project. when we go through that mail (use your model now) we can see our data in sample from test set. but how can we get this labeled output and how to download that data ?

also export my YOLOv5 data through export data i got a rar file in which have some label code. Can you please explain what that means.


The output you got was the YOLOv5 dataset format. You said you wanted to download the data, and it looks like you did. Were you expecting a different format? Could you elaborate on what mail you got, as well as what you are trying to accomplish?

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