Project = rf.project("Chess Sample") doesn't work

Hello. I’m new to Roboflow. I’m using COLAB
Everything is fine, until this:

project = rf.project(“Chess Sample”)

The output is:
RuntimeError: {
“error”: {
“message”: “Unsupported get request. Dataset with ID Chess Sample does not exist or cannot be loaded due to missing permissions.”,
“type”: “GraphMethodException”,
“hint”: “You can find the API docs at

“Chess Sample” project already exists in my Roboflow account.
Please, could you tell me what can I check?

Many thanks and sorry by my English!

Hi @Agustin_Cruz, did you copy your export code from your workspace or the project you’re attempting to export?

Here is how to export datasets: Get Started - Roboflow

If you’re attempting to download the dataset for YOLOv6, you can actually download it without an API key.

Here is the example code snippet:

from roboflow import Roboflow
rf = Roboflow(api_key="chess-sample-only-api-key")                       
project = rf.workspace("joseph-nelson").project("chess-pieces-new")         
dataset = project.version(23).download("mt-yolov6")