Is roboflow down?


I’ve been happily using roboflow for a while, but today I’m having problems downloading my training data. When I click on ‘export’ for my dataset, then click on ‘download zip to computer’, after zipping I get:

{“error”:“invalid request”}

Similary, when running a google colab, when I run the following:

from roboflow import Roboflow
rf = Roboflow(api_key=“MYAPIKEY”)
project = rf.workspace(“tlodge”).project(“phonescreens”)
dataset = project.version(7).download(“yolov5-obb”)

I get a 404 error. This occurs with a newly generated dataset as well as older ones that have worked fine in the past.

Any feedback appreciated!


I’m seeing this as well. I was able to download about 1.5 hrs ago but can’t now for the same reason.

Hey all, sorry for the blip; some new security settings locked out one of our servers from accessing datasets on cloud storage. Should be resolved now.