Project data lost when other member create another project

Hi I’m using roboflow to do annotations on road cracks and potholes. But another member in that workspace, he opened another project and now all my previous projects are gone. He said when he open the new project, no warning is given about losing all the previous projects.

I need the dataset by this Sunday. So please anyone can give me any help on how to retrieve the previous projects that i have annotated. The dataset is ard 4k images and it already spent me weeks to get the progress I have. Please anyone can assist me on how to retrieve the projects back.

I didnt not delete the project or anything, it just disappeared

or anyone can help me contact someone from roboflow to help me on this issue thank you very much

Hi @Alex_TanHT - I checked the logs. It looks like your user account deleted 14 projects today over the course of five hours. It seems these were manual deletions and not associated with any new project being created.

If you are able to share a video recording of new project creation deleting an existing project, could you please share it here? We haven’t heard any other reports of that issue so it is unlikely to be a bug.

Hi roboflow, actually it was not my account that got involved. It was my friend’s account. That incident happened to her when i accidentally used her workspace to create another project. While i was working on that project, her side of roboflow suddenly froze and when i was done, all her previous projects were gone. Maybe i can ask her to comment on this post and you guys can help check and hopefully retrieve all the lost data. Thanks in advance.

Just to clarify, the 14 projects deleted was just me testing to see if what I did would cause the lost of the projects