Sensitive Data Uploaded check if its downloaded it!

I mistakenly uploaded some sensitive research data yesterday(29/04/2024). I’ve removed it from yesterday(on the same day I uploaded), but can you help me find out if anyone downloaded it from Roboflow Universe because I didn’t chick before I delete them?
project type: Object detection–> I just wanted to convert images.
OS/browser: Windows
project ID: it was different many (may be 5) project was created on 29/4/2024 and be removed from my side
my register email:
user: h
workspace: Public

Hello - I can see that you have 3 public projects on and none of them have been visited or downloaded.

Thank you for your reply, but I am not taking about these 3 projects(the current ones now) that shown in:

I want you to check all delated project that I create and delete yesterday(29/04/2024) if its downloaded or viewed by anyone pleases.

Once a project is deleted, all associated data is deleted which includes view and download data.

that’s why I want to check from you side and inform me with the report about if the deleted projects downloaded or viewed by anyone pleases?
as they did in the following question:

so can you check from your side my deleted project yesterday(29/04/2024)?

Hey @he1805123

For free Public plans, uploaded data is made public by default on Roboflow Universe, but project deletions are irreversible actions and the associated data is deleted as well.

In the post you sent a screenshot of, the user didn’t delete the project so we were able to see the download information.

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