Pick and Place using ML and Roboflow


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Very cool, thank you for sharing. If this is on Universe, please share the link so others can see the dataset and experience the model!

Can you tell me how I can upload to Universe?

For Projects to show up on Roboflow Universe, they need to be Public instead of Private. This distinction is made during the creation steps of the Workspace. I can convert Projects from Private to Public in the backend or you could create a Public workspace and recreate the project there!

Hi Trevor
Can you convert my present project to Public?
I don’t want to consume a training session again


Great, the project is now publicly available for others: Chota Peg Object Detection Dataset and Pre-Trained Model by Daniel Christadoss

Thank you for sharing your work!

Thanks Trevor
Very much appreciate it
Daniel Christadoss

Hi Trevour, could you transfer all these projects to public. I will start all my new projects as public from now.

Thanks for your help.



Done! All are available for you to share with others: Daniel Christadoss (daniel-christadoss-tnpka) - Roboflow Universe

Thanks Trevor, very much appreciate the help. Regards Daniel