Need to understand dataset format values

I downloaded a dataset from Roboflow universe in yolov8 format but it has more than 5 values per row, I am trying to understand what format is this and what each of these values represent, here is a label of image with 1 person which is in single row

0 0.4846177835497836 0.038742521951219515 0.3364942294372294 0.09486508536585367 0.5598190389610389 0.6336416951219512 0.810489670995671 0.5906143414634146 0.589443645021645 0.10983115853658536 0.4846177835497836 0.038742521951219515

The format you’re seeing is likely the YOLOv8 PyTorch TXT format used by Roboflow. In this format, each row represents a bounding box for an object in the image. The values in each row are space-delimited and represent the following:

class_id center_x center_y width height

However, the row you provided has more than 5 values, which is unusual for the standard YOLO format. It’s possible that the additional values could be related to other attributes or features specific to the model you’re using.

Unfortunately, the provided extracts do not contain specific information about the interpretation of additional values beyond the standard five in the YOLOv8 PyTorch TXT format. I would recommend checking the documentation or resources related to the specific model you’re using for more detailed information.

Here are some resources from the extracts that might be helpful:

Please note that these resources might not directly answer your question, but they could provide useful context or lead you to the right place.

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