Can I download the labeled dataset?

I want to download the data that I labeled with the bounding box info. And load the data into python to use it for other purposes. How can I do that. I tried export yolov8-obb. and it downloaded images + txt files in label folder with numbers but it doesn’t say what are these numbers?

After labeling your data on Roboflow, you can export it in over 30 different formats, including YOLOv8 Oriented Bounding Boxes (YOLOv8-obb). The exported data will include your images and corresponding .txt files in a label folder. These .txt files contain the bounding box information for each image.

The numbers in the .txt files represent the bounding box coordinates and class information for each object in the image. However, the exact format can vary depending on the specific format you chose for export.

Unfortunately, the provided extracts do not include detailed information on how to interpret these numbers for the YOLOv8-obb format. I would recommend checking the Roboflow documentation or help pages for more information on this topic.

Once you have exported your data, you can load the images and labels into Python using appropriate libraries (like OpenCV for images and standard file I/O operations for .txt files).

Remember, the specific method for loading your data into Python can depend on your exact use case and the libraries you are using.

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Hi! Can you please be more specific about which numbers you are confused about?

The documentation for YOLO OBB is here: What is the YOLOv5 Oriented Bounding Boxes Annotation Format?

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