Labeling avi and mp4 video images

We need to label 100,000 videos (.avi, & .mp4) for training and don’t want to extract and label the individual frames (in .jpg). What is the best approach?

Paul Petronelli

This labeling includes specification of bounding boxes.

Hi @Paul_Petronelli

You can easily import a select number of frames to bring into Roboflow for a video. (Check out this blog for more info)

Oftentimes, there isn’t necessarily a need for a large amount of data to train an effective, accurate model.

I’d recommend labeling a small portion of your data, then evaluating its performance and using model-assisted labeling for help with labeling more data, if it’s required.

If you are pursuing a commercial use case, I’d recommend trying out our Starter plan for startups and small businesses or contacting our sales team for an enterprise use case.