Issues uploading a converted .tif to the API

Hi Mohamed, I’m hoping you might be able to help with this. I’m just trying to upload a jpg image using the CLI because the web interface always glitches the uploading bar for one sec and reverts to the empty blank upload page again. The CLI seemed to work up until asking me which project I wanted to upload to, but I get this error.
image uploaded: { success: false, error: ‘Unable to load image.’ }
I’m only uploading one .jpg which was converted from a .tif by just changing the extension and confirming that I want to change it to jpg when finder prompted me.


Hi @booklover

I moved your issue out of that thread since it was old and solved.

Are you trying to upload a TIF image as a JPG extension? If so, that would not work since TIF and JPG are two different types of image formats. It is not possible to convert files simply by changing the extension.