Is there anyway to see the indexes generated for the class labels

Hi all, is there any way to see the indexes for the classes that were generated within roboflow?

I went back to the annotate feature therein and there is nothing that demonstrates this!?!?!
what’s there is the number of class labels therein for that specific image. What I am trying to see for example; a class labeled dog attains an index of 0. When adding more classes it should probably be something like this; dog 0, sheep 1, cow 2, goat 3 etc.

I peered into the RAW scripting feature but that has nothing of the sort, please assist?

thank you in advance for acknowledging my digital requests!


The annotation tool shows the indexes when you are placing labels.

The indexes are alphabetical.

I answered here as well: Roboflow needs a feature to modify the class index start sequencing - #2 by Mohamed

@Mohamed thanx loads! :ok_hand:

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