Incossistency beween real number of images and dataset images

  • Project Type: Object Detection
  • Operating System & Browser: Windows & Chrome
  • Project Universe Link or Workspace/Project ID: football-detections


  • I have uploaded and annotated 7 images as the dataset describes in the left plane, but I can only see 4 of them. Based on that I’m not able to change the dataset type from the images. So, how can I see all images in the dataset window, please?

Partial solutions found

  • Change the images types in annotate section. There I’m able to change the types from training to valid or test. It’s a partial solution, because the incossistency in the numbers remains.

Hi @Rafael_Gildin - if you are uploading annotated images, there can be a delay before they are added to the Dataset.

Do you see the full 7 images now?

Hi @Jacob_Witt , yes, I’m able to see now.
Thanks for that :grinning:.

Another question that appeared, considering 5 labelers, I’ve created 1 dataset and 1 labeler did some annotations. How can I split the dataset between all labelers, considering the assigment of each already labeled image to the respect labeler.

What I did to solve partialy the problem - return the 1 large dataset to unassigned, splited the images between all labelers. But then, some of the images labeled by labeler0 were splitted over all labelers.

What should I do?

@Rafael_Gildin - we currently don’t have this functionality; the best bet is to work with your labelers to ensure they are ready to receive images when you assign them.

Thanks @Jacob_Witt.

Unfortunately another error has appeared. I’m not able to see all my 500+ images labeled in the dataset section. I moved them from dataset to unassigned to remap the train, val, test tags between them and the only way to do it is by moving them back and forth as I did. But then the images hasn’t been visible for a couple of hours. I’ve tried using different browsers and re-loggin into roboflow, but it didn’t work.

Can you please help me?
Thank you.

I am curious if you are able to export all of your data? I am having the same issue where I can only see about 207/1500 total images under the dataset tab. When I go to download my data, this is the same number of images that gets downloaded, only 207 images across all three splits.

@Rafael_Gildin - could you please add Roboflow support to your workspace (via the invite page)?

Let me know once that’s done and I’ll take a look.

Same problem here. Thanks for sharing your case.

@Jacob_Witt I granted the access to

Let me know if you need anything else.


Thanks @Rafael_Gildin and @Jessica_Tingley - we’re looking into this issue now. Will keep this thread updated.

Thank you @Jacob_Witt and @leo . Do you have any idea of the timeframe for when the issue will be resolved? I need to re annotate the data if it will be more than a week or so.

Thank you,

@Jessica_Tingley - I’ve responded on your initial forum post.

@Rafael_Gildin - it looks like the issue might be file format. Are your source images HEIC or similar non-standard formats? If you just change the file extension name that doesn’t actually convert the underlying format. See this thread for more context.

The issue wasn’t file formatting, the images were lost and now they’ve came back.
Thanks for the help.

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