Images Count Dataset is negative


See below . I got negative count numbers in my dataset. How to repair? I can’t even export it :frowning:

Hi @alfredv

Have you tried reuploading? Also interested in seeing what you’re seeing in the console with the negative count

Hi Kelly,

If I upload again, will this affect my annotations? It looks if the count has to be reset (it is not doing counting of the actual pictures).

Many thanks

My console:


It will. Though you may not have the permissions to export (and reupload with annotations) due to the workspace plan. Is this an old sandbox workspace?

Also had a difficult time finding your roboflow account. Feel free to dm me the email you used for it, so I can confirm export is enabled. If it is this may be a bug we need to fix

Hi Kelly,

I don’t know the sandbox version. How can I DM the
email adres? I don’t get message context when clicking picture.

Many thanks

Just sent you a DM

As a note for others running across this thread, the engineering team is working on fixing inconsistent image counts across the app. There are a lot of edge cases we’re trying to pin down (duplicate and re-uploaded images across projects in a workspace seem to be the source of many of them) and hope to have it resolved soon.

These are issues with the reference counters vs the actual number of images.

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