Shortcut keys and deleting a bounding box

Are there any shortcut keys for the annotation tool? How do I delete a bounding box?

Keyboard Shortcuts

The following keyboard shortcuts are available to speed up your labeling flow. The meta key is usually the command key on macOS and the ctrl key on Linux and Windows.

If no annotation is selected, the following keyboard shortcuts apply:

  • meta - temporarily switches between the select and create tools while held down. (For example, if you are in create mode, hold down the meta key and click an existing box to select it.)

  • c - switches to the create tool.

  • d - switches to the select tool.

  • plus - zooms in.

  • minus - zooms out.

  • zero - returns to default zoom (fits image into the viewport).

  • one - zooms to 100%.

  • escape - exits the labeling tool.

  • left arrow - navigates to the previous image.

  • right arrow - navigates to the next image.

backspace - deletes the current bounding box if there is no text in the text field (this means you will usually have to push backspace twice to delete a box after selecting it; one time to delete the highlighted text and a second time to confirm deletion).

Our Annotations page contains additional shortcuts as well as a video on Best Practices