Images become grey blank after generating new versions

  1. Project type (image segmentation)
  2. The operating system & browser you are using and their versions (Mac M2, Chrome)

I tried using preprocessing or not using anything. Both generate these blank images
before generating versions it looks fine: But after they all become grey blank pictures. The generated grey images are not purely blank. There are some black-grey pixels scattered. The raw images were all greyscale images. Thanks in advance. Any help would be appreciated!

What type of images are the original images, and what colorspace are they in?

Can you confirm they are RGB images?

If you can file this bug report on our external bug tracker, we can get it transferred to our internal tracker so our product team has visibility and can investigate it for a fix.

Please include as many details for your upload process, the source of the images, and include a Google Drive or Dropbox folder link to some of the uploaded example images. Share the files with