Grayscale images turn white when I generate a version

Hi, I’m having an issue with generating my dataset after annotating images. My images are coded in grayscale, not RGB, and when I make a new version or create a model, the annotated dataset images are now blank white. The bounding boxes are still there, but there is a white image. I tested a few pictures coded in RGB and those worked so I feel it is a problem with the coding. Is there any way to fix this while keeping my annotations? Thank you!
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Hi @cat94

Yes, we currently don’t support single-channel images. I recommend you convert to a three-channel image before uploading to Roboflow.

Hi, thanks for your input! That’s unfortunate. Is there anything I can do about the images that I’ve already annotated? Is there a way to convert them to three-channel image?

Thank you!

Hi @cat94

Our team’s looking into it right now and we’ll update you here!

Thank you so much, I appreciate it!

Hi, so I just generated a new version while I was testing a RGB image and all of my original annotated grayscale coded images are now visible and not white!! I exported the pictures to check inside the folders and all the images are there. If that was you guys changing the back end, thank you so much!! I appreciate all your help.

Glad it works! Fix is live in prod - this was a tricky one :grin:

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