Blank images after dataset generation

Im trying to create Bounding Box Project, but when i generate dataset from images they become white with bounding boxes in the correct places. When I point to history icon I can see that original images are ok.

Hi @Arthur_Taim

Sorry to hear you’re having issues. Please share your workspace/project IDs so that we can help debug and solve this issue.

any updates?

Hi @Arthur_Taim

This might be related to a recently solved issue. Could you try creating a new version and see if the issue continues?

it continues even after recreating the project. i have blank images with bound boxes/ maybe its because original images are grayscale, but still

вт, 29 авг. 2023 г. в 15:44, Leo via Roboflow <>:

Hi @Arthur_Taim

It is possible that this was an issue that was previously fixed. Could you see if uploading a different image of the same type or reuploading your images to a different project helps in dealing with that?