Images are not multiplied

Hi, I got this problem where my training images were not multiplied by 3x even though I already applied it when generating. It shows the number is correct but when I open the images it just went back to the original amount. This problem never happens before and I can multiply my images amount

Hi @Bryan_Setyawan

Does this issue occur when your dataset is downloaded/exported?

I tried exporting the version from your project on Universe and there were 959 images, just like it was displayed.

Since there are usually a lot of images in a dataset, we only show a small subset of the images on the web interface for visualization and debugging purposes. You can click on “Show More…” to view more.

Hi Leo @leo

Regarding to my issue, not only when it is exported, but also right here where it shows that there are 2.9k images but only 959 are available.

Here I attached the screenshot of it, hope it can get fixed soon thank you!

Hi @Bryan_Setyawan

Sorry for the late follow-up, but we are looking into this and we’ll be sure to let you know of any update.