How to export the dataset as a folder for each class?

Hello everyone. I am at the beginning level and I need help about exporting my dataset. I have a dataset with 2 classes and I want my dataset to get exported as 2 folders. In each folder there will be the images of one class.
Is is possible in Roboflow?

Yes, it is possible to export your dataset in Roboflow. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Generate a dataset version in the Roboflow dashboard. You can do this on the “Versions” page associated with your project.

  2. After you have generated a dataset, click “Export” next to your dataset version.

  3. You can download your data in a wide variety of formats. You can see a full list of supported export formats in the “Export” tab of our formats directory.

  4. After selecting an export format, you can choose to either download the data as a .zip file, or as a curl link to download from the command line.

Please note that the exported data will be in the format you choose and not necessarily as separate folders for each class. However, the exported data will contain the class labels for each image, which you can use to separate the images into different folders based on their classes.

For more detailed instructions, you can refer to the Roboflow documentation on exporting data.

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Is this a classification project? That should be the default export mode - just create a version and export.

If it’s a different project type, you can use tags based on class names, and then use the filter by tag preprocessing step to create separate versions for each class. Then you can export those individually.

It is a really great idea. Thank you very much.

Btw, yes, it is a classification project. I isolated the objects by roboflow and now I wanna try binary classification by tensorflow.

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