How to download the trained model

Can I use the Roboflow for custom detection, with an offline (no internet) environment?
My model is trained with Roboflow, yet I can’t find a way to download the .pt file.

Yes, you can use Roboflow for custom detection in an offline environment. However, you would need to download your model weights file first.

In the case of a YOLOv5 model, you can download the weights file ( from the YOLOv5 repository or directly from this link: as mentioned in the YOLOv5 Object Detection with OpenVINO™ Toolkit blog post.

For other models, you would need to follow the specific instructions provided by Roboflow for that model. For example, in the case of a YOLOv8 model, you can upload your custom YOLOv8 pt file as mentioned in this forum post.

Once you have downloaded your model weights file, you can use it for inference in an offline environment.

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