How to download "folder" verison for each class?

For the dataset link attached below, I want to download the folder version (separate folder for each class), but I couldn’t find the folder version.
Is there any method to do it?

Thank you!

I have tried the method, but it gives this error.

RuntimeError: {‘error’: ‘folder is an invalid format for project type instance-segmentation. Please use one of: coco-segmentation, clip, coco, coco-mmdetection, createml, darknet, multiclass, tensorflow, tfrecord, voc, yolokeras, yolov4pytorch, yolov4scaled, yolov5-obb, yolov5pytorch, yolov7pytorch, yolov8, yolov8-obb, yolov9, mt-yolov6, retinanet, benchmarker.’}

Hey @NandiniLReddy

It looks like @Lenny made a mistake in its answer. Could you elaborate further on what you’re looking to do?

If you are looking for extracted images from each object, then the Isolate Objects preprocessing step might be what you’re looking for.

Hi @leo
I’m trying to download/access the data as a folder; with all the classes of fish for each test, train, and validation. So that I can use it to train the transformer model.

Hey @NandiniLReddy

I’m still having a little bit of trouble understanding what you want to accomplish. Could you explain what your desired outcome would look like?

My current understanding of what you’re trying to accomplish is that you want something like this folder structure:

- Fish 1
  - train
    - image1.jpg
    - image2.jpg
  - validation
    - image3.jpg

Is this correct? If so, could you explain how this differs from the output from the Isolate Objects feature?

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