How to contact the owner of Universe Dataset

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I am very interested in this dataset:

@misc{ partdetect_dataset,
    title = { partdetect Dataset },
    type = { Open Source Dataset },
    author = { Soongsil University },
    howpublished = { \url{ } },
    url = { },
    journal = { Roboflow Universe },
    publisher = { Roboflow },
    year = { 2023 },
    month = { sep },
    note = { visited on 2023-10-18 },

May I ask is there a way I can contact the owner for more information?


I’m sorry, but your question seems to be incomplete. Could you please provide more details about your issue or question? This will help me provide a more accurate and helpful response.

Please include information about your project type, operating system, browser, and any specific issues you’re encountering. If possible, also share your Universe link (if it’s a public project), or your workspace/project ID.

If you’re encountering bugs or issues, remember to take screenshots of errors in your notebook, code, and/or devtools Console and Network tab, as necessary. This information will be very helpful in troubleshooting your issue.

For more information on how to file a bug report, you can refer to this guide.

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it is not helpful.
I am interested in this dataset: partdetect Object Detection Dataset by Soongsil University
I wonder if there is any way I can contact the owner of the dataset?