How to change my email

I have signed up into Roboflow using my then school’s credentials, now my school is closing my credentials and I want to change my email or migrate all the projects to different account.

How can I do this?

To change your email or migrate all the projects to a different account in Roboflow, you would need to contact Roboflow Support for assistance. Here are the steps you can follow:

  1. Sign out of your current account.
  2. Sign in with your new email.
  3. Invite the Roboflow Support to your workspace by adding to your workspace. This can be done from your Workspace Settings, under the “Members” tab, where you can toggle the “Grant Access” switch. This will allow the Roboflow team to access the projects in your workspace and help with the migration process. [1]
  4. Send a request to and include the following details:
    • Workspace name
    • Email that you signed up with (the old one)
    • Project name(s) for transfer
    • The new email you want to use

Please note that currently, Roboflow has to do this manually for you in their backend before you can transfer a dataset to a different workspace. [2]

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  1. Sharing a Workspace with Roboflow Support ↩︎

  2. How do I change my workspace from private to public? ↩︎

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Lenny provided one path.

A shorter path would be to add your new email as a User to your Workspace. Then, accept the invitation to join the Workspace. This will give your new login access to the Workspace for you to continue working.

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