Delete Account

Hi everyone,

i can’t change my email in my roboflow account.
So I create a new one and migrate my models.

How I can delete a account from ?


First, invite yourself to any workspaces you need access to, and accept the invitation with your new account:

Next, please reply to me here when you have completed that step, and we will process the deletion and confirm it for you.

Hello Mohamed,

i have a backup of my dataset. The account can be deleted.

Hello Mohamed,

the account already exist. When can I expect the deletion?

@Elmar Following up to confirm your request has been processed. The account should be deleted.

Hello Mohamed,
thanks for your support.

I will give you a litte feedback about my reasons for the deletion.
I was registered with my github-account. Unfortunately roboflow leaked
my private Email-Adress to the public with my projects

I’m wondering about many Spammails to this Address, which I have never
used in public. It is perfectly acceptable to make my project-files
public in the free-plan, but leaking my Email and link my Project
to my Full Name in public is an absolute noGo for me.
About that I’m not being able to use roboflow furthermore.

@Elmar I do understand the hesitation to continue usage after experiencing that. My apologies for the experience.

We’ve relayed your feedback to the team on this.

One question I have, to help us get to the bottom of the email address appearing - when you did sign-in with GitHub, were you prompted to fill in a First and/or Last Name during sign-up, or was that part of the sign-up flow bypassed?

Note - I edited your reply to remove the image, so others don’t see your email. I was sure to save it first to send internally.

I want to delete my account too, please help me with the steps. I don’t have any workspace to join. Please delete my account, I don’t use it anymore.

Hi, please email all your account deletion requests to help [at] Thank you